Sunday, July 20, 2008

On Hatred

I hate Drew. I don't want anyone for even a second to think that I don't hate Drew, but my cold hard was warmed by this Gawker story, involving Keith Gessen, a man I don't know but hate maybe even more than I hate Drew (Why do people write boring books? Why do they get famous for it?), the Gawker staff, a bunch of charities, and some guy who hangs out with the Gawker staff. Oh god I'm being boring. I've been spending too much time talking to Drew. Anyway, I liked this:

The outcome of our saga: An $890 donation to the New York Homeless Coaliton; The opportunity for even more charity, if Krucoff is able to convince the small, effete sliver of New York society that would actually desire to own this obscure volume to come out to a soup kitchen benefit next week; And, most importantly, an odd and short-lived sense of unity among fake enemies on the fake internet arguing about fake writing and stuff, which is how we sum up the culture war.

Never again say that Keith Gessen hasn't accomplished something good.

It reminded me of the time Drew let me have an orange soda, let me pay her, then told me it was "on the house" and pocketed the tip. For a moment, it was almost as though she had done something good and sweet.

It also reminds me of how boring and similar I find Keith Gessen and Drew*, and how Drew's only hope for fame and fortune is that somewhere there are a coupla douchebags that like how boring she is.

*Note: Part of Keith Gessen's ability to be famous is that he went to Harvard. Drew couldn't even figure out how to get to Boston.

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