Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Aaron Burr Won the Duel, but Hamilton's on Money

Aaron Burr was a little crybaby bitch who was always crying about what a hard time Hamilton gave him, and was all like, "Hamilton is such a cocksucker and he's always mean to me I'm going to shoot him in the fucking face."

Then Burr shot Hamilton in the face, and Hamilton died, but now people only remember Burr as the guy who shot Hamilton, while people remember that Hamilton is on cash money.

Drew, the fucking little crybaby bitch who's always crying about what I hard time I give her might try kill me, but then she'll only be remembered as a little crybaby bitch and I'll be remembered as the badass who was like, shut the fuck up, and then I will win the duel anyway and she'll be dead and forgotten.

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