Thursday, July 17, 2008

Alli is the rotting corpse in the shed of the hipster's pool

A badly decomposed body that has apparently been there "for several months" was found in the shed of McCarren pool today. This was right after a screening of "The Virigin Suicides" and now all the hipsters are probably really sad because the DJ Shadow show this weekend might be canceled.
Similarly, Alli was a total buzzkill at our college, which was like a giant McCarren pool party in the middle of Ohio. Plus, every time you'd get a whiff of her you'd be like "that's funny I smell a decomposing body" and then you'd blanch because it would turn out that Alli and her decrepit cooz were right behind you.

PS- Alli, the website for McCarren Pool is totally your team.

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sunnyside down syndrome said...

until this devolves into this:

i will continue to classify it as totally lame.